You can help solve the puzzle of Autism

More Than Just “Aware”
The geographical area served by Autism Society of North Carolina Mecklenburg County Chapter, or “ASNC-MCC”, is the largest in North Carolina. As the single largest fundraising project for the group, the Autism Aware Fare is crucially important to our mission and our ability to impact the lives of those in our area touched by autism.

How ASNC-MCC steps up to the plate to help:
Spreads Awareness
Part of the mission of the Autism Aware Fare is to educate our neighbors about autism. Although the physical appearance of individuals with autism isn’t generally different from their “typical” peers, their nervous systems are easily overstimulated causing inappropriate behavior and exaggerated responses.
Feeds the Mind and Soul
Your local Autism Society chapter maintains a website, produces a monthly newsletter and sends out communications, at least monthly, keeping local families in touch with activities and the latest autism news. We also sponsor bi-monthly recreational activities during the school year and weekly activities during the summer.
Supports Our Educators
For children with autism, their teacher is their strongest link to a brighter future. So your local Autism Society provides grants to teachers each year, provides scholarships for teacher's aides to be trained about autism and has purchased over 20 iPads for use in the self-contained autism classrooms.
Provides Links to Research
Through networking with our state and national organization, we keep parents informed about opportunities for active participation in autism research and link them with national organizations which fund it.

Do you need more information? Would you like to help? For information, contact the Autism Aware Fare Coordinator at (704) 894-9678 ex. 1615 or

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